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The Heron at Pelican Bay




The Heron

The Heron was built by developer William Brar who chose the site for its sweeping view of the Gulf of Mexico and a lovely tidal bay. The site has the highest elevation of any along the three-mile stretch of land that today makes up Pelican Bay, a model community in Florida because of the respect shown to its important ecosystem. 


Brar commissioned architect Karen Noel, AIA, to create a building worthy of its site.  The product is an elegant column that, from above, resembles an origami bird.   

There are only two apartments per floor – a ‘first’ in Naples as were the large ‘frameless’ corner-windows in the living room and bedrooms.  The interior design (each stack of apartments is a mirror of the other) has allowed multiple and imaginative reinterpretations of the original interior space as many owners have discovered. No residential building till then had used as much glass to create 300-degree panoramic views or allow outside exposure north, west, south and east from each apartment.


The Heron’s 100 per cent poured concrete construction is still considered the “gold standard” in construction along this coast.   Concrete was poured on-site into custom-finished forms to build striated, reinforced walls and floors six inches thick. Its over twenty floors are anchored to deep and strong pilings.  

Pelican Bay

Pelican Bay is not only a large (6,000 homes, 14,000 owners) and beautiful community offering a wide variety of homes.  Pelican Bay also offers social, learning and fitness experiences.  The community is nestled in a mangrove conservation area with an exquisite waterway and unique & protected wetlands next to the Gulf of Mexico.